Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Selso The Seal & His MSC Cruise!

Meet Selso, a young Southern Elephant Seal that underwent rehabilitation at uShaka Sea World in Durban, South Africa.  Selso was rescued by the team at uShaka Sea World after being distressed and stranded on a beach in KwaZulu Natal in June, 2013. Originally from the sub-Antarctic regions, the pup was underweight and far from home. Led by resident veterinarian Caryl Knox, the uShaka Sea World Veterinary and Animal Care team liaised with veterinarians and scientists, both internationally and locally, to ensure he received the best possible chance of recovery.

Selso - Ready To Head Home!

With careful aid from a team of marine biologists, vets and marine mammal specialists, Selso recently re-gained full health. It was then that uShaka Sea World turned to MSC Cruises for help in releasing him back into his natural environment.

The Last Farewell from the Captain

Selso’s MSC journey commenced on-board MSC Sinfonia in Durban on 9 January, 2014, where he was lifted aboard the ship and secured under cover on the foredeck. During his 2 day cruise, he was cared for by veterinarian Francois Lampen, and two keepers Colette Bodenstaff and Wayne Sumpton, ending in a successful release off the coast of Port Elisabeth on the 11th January.
A Delicate Operation..
We at MSC consider ourselves Guardians of the Seas and treat the oceans of the world with the utmost respect, believing that by acting green and protecting the biodiversity, we can all help keep the waters blue. Oceans and life in the oceans are inextricably connected with humans and Selso’s heart-warming story is just a proof of that.

Before his release, Selso was fitted with a satellite tag which will allow scientists from Oceans & Coasts to monitor his whereabouts for up to a year after his release. We eagerly await any updates of Selso’s underwater adventures!

Off He Goes!

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